AI Manufacturing, Ethics, and Policy


The Georgia Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing Technology Corridor (GA-AIM) aims to accelerate research, scale-up, and transfer of AI and related digital technologies in industry in Georgia, USA. Through a university-industry-community partnership, led by the Georgia Institute of Technology, GA-AIM seeks to integrate the deployment of AI technologies in industry with related job training and outreach to underserved communities. The project has received federal funding ($65 million) under the US Economic Development Administration’s Build Back Better Regional Challenge. GA-AIM has an Ethics and Policy Team that is focused on two key program elements: an AI-manufacturing test-bed facility, to be built on the Georgia Tech campus, and AI-manufacturing community engagement. The team is using action-research methods, including targeted studies, and engagement with designers, users, and other stakeholders to facilitate GA-AIM in addressing ethics and responsibility and to foster learning and adjustment that advances the responsible and ethical development and deployment of AI-manufacturing technologies. 

Team Members

  • Justin Biddle
  • Philip Shapira
  • JP Nelson
  • Olajide Olugbade

Project Papers